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This article refers particularly to CMSimple_XH 1.5 and later. In earlier versions the admin menu was called edit menu, and this was structured somewhat differently.

To administrate your CMSimple_XH website, you have to log in to switch to the so called admin mode 1). Contrary to many other CMSs the admin mode looks very similar to the front-end for ease of use. The differences are:

  • the so called admin menu on top of the browser window
  • the content editor instead of the (read-only) page content (in edit mode only)
  • the so called page data tabs directly above the content editor (in edit mode only)

Further differences could be caused by extensions, e.g. some templates offer the possibility to configure them, and Coco_XH adds additional editors for the so called co-contents.

Admin Menu

The left most item allows to switch between view and edit mode.

“Pages” will call the configured page manager, which simplifies the management of the pages of the website.

Via the “Files” menu you can access the different folders where images, downloads and media files are stored, with the configured filebrowser.

The “Settings” menu offers the following items:

  • CMS (edit settings affecting the whole CMSimple_XH installation)
  • Website (edit settings affecting only the currently selected subsite)
  • Language (edit the language strings of the currently selected language)
  • Template (edit the currently selected template online)
  • Stylesheet (edit the currently selected template's stylesheet online)
  • Log file (view who has logged in and out, and when)
  • Validate links (check all links in the content of the currently selected subsite)
  • Info (information about the installed CMSimple_XH version, plugins, PHP, as well as some useful links and the system check)

Clicking “Settings” directly will show the “classic” settings menu. Here you can access most of the menu items of the “new” settings menu, and additionally you can view and download the content and pagedata file, and all their backups.

The “Plugins” menu gives access to the administration of all installed plugins, which are listed as menu items.

The right most item (“Logout”) allows to log out from admin mode. This will create a backup of the current content and pagedata files.

Content Editor

Here you can edit the contents of the currently selected page. Since CMSimple_XH 1.5 different editors are available as plugins; tinyMCE is delivered with the base distribution. Earlier versions featured the FCKEditor.

To edit another page, simply navigate to this page as you would do it in the front-end.

Page Data Tabs

These tabs are inserted by extensions and are primarily meant to edit data associated with the currently selected page. The tabs work as toggles; clicking a tab opens the related form; clicking it again closes the form. Two of these tabs are inserted by plugins included in the base distribution of CMSimple_XH: “Page” and “Meta”.

this is often called back-end, opposed to the front-end which is visible to visitors of the website
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