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Backing up your data serves two purposes: disaster recovery and data retention. Disaster recovery is necessary in case of data loss or corruption, which can happen among others due to a server crash, an attack, a user error or a malfunction of CMSimple_XH or an extension. Data retention is necessary, if you want to go back to an old version of your website or parts of it.

So always keep a current backup of your website! To be able to recover from any form of disaster, you have to keep this backup on another storage medium than the webserver.


The most general solution for making a backup is via FTP. In the simplest case you can regularly 1) download the complete CMSimple_XH root folder to your client machine. Particularly if your concerned with data retention, you'll want to keep not only the last version of the website, but also older downloads. There are several tools and strategies, that make this kind of backup easy and efficient. As this is not particularly related to CMSimple_XH, you should look for a solution that suits your needs elsewhere.

Backup on Logout

CMSimple_XH automatically creates a backup of content and pagedata when you log out 2) 3). The file names are prefixed with the timestamp when the backup was created in the format YYMMDD_hhmmss. The number of backups that CMSimple_XH will retain can be configured under “Settings→CMS→Backup→Numberoffiles”. These backups are primarily meant for data retention purposes. You can download these files in CMSimple_XH's back-end under “Settings”. Restoring the backups can be done via FTP (by renaming the files) or with the Restore_XH plugin.


If and how CMSimple_XH extensions make backups of their data, depends on the particular extension. The details should be described in the plugin manual.

There are a few extensions available for CMSimple_XH, which allow to make backups. The alternative filebrowser hi_kcfinder allows to download complete folders as ZIP archives. hi_Backup and TS_Backup allow to easily download some important files. 4)

Note that some data may be changed by your visitors, e.g. guestbook entries. So you should also make new backups, even if you don't make changes to your site.
only content and pagedata of the current language or subsite are backed up
if you sometimes want to skip this backup, you can do so using the Logout_nobackup plugin
FIXME is TS_backup CMSimple_XH compatible?
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