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Crafting Corner

In this chapter you'll find some code that could have been changed in CMSimple_XH, but was not considered to be generally useful enough. If you like to have it though, you can make the changes yourself. But note, that those changes have to be redone after the next update.

If you want to skip the search results page in case there was only one page found, you can change this in cmsimple/search.php. Depending on the version of CMSimple_XH you're using, look for if(count($ta) > 0) resp. if (count($ta) == 0). Just before this insert:

    if (count($ta) == 1) {
	if (!headers_sent()) {
	    header('Location: http://'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].$sn.'?'.$u[$ta[0]]);

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