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Editing the Template

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The template.htm and the stylesheet.css can be edited online, when writing permissions are set.

However it is much more practical to edit these files offline with a text editor or preferably source code editor with syntax highlighting, uploading the files via ftp after editing.

The editing possibility in CMSimple_XH is without syntax highlighting and in versions before 1.5 saving deletes occasionally blank lines and indentations, making the code a bit unsightly.

Edit template.htm and stylesheet.css only,
when you know exactly what you are doing!

Technically the template file is a PHP file, but you can see it as (X)HTML file with additional elements, the so called template tags. Not all of them are used in every template, so if you're missing one of them, e.g. languagemenu() just insert it where you want the result to show up.

Online Editing of template.htm

Go in CMSimple Administration to:

Settings ⇒ Edit template

Here you can edit template.htm.

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Online Editing of stylesheet.css

Go in CMSimple-Administration to:

Settings ⇒ Edit stylesheet

Here you can edit stylesheet.css.

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Suitable Offline Editors

The files template.htm, stylesheet.css as well as all program files can be edited offline with text or source code editors.

Please do not use text processing programs (like Word etc.) for editing template.htm, stylesheet.css or program files!

Different commercial and freeware source code editors are available on the internet. Popular and useful freeware editors with source code highlighting are PSPad and notepad++.

Tips how to customize the template.

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