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-====== Editor (Content) ====== 
-The content [[editor]] of CMSimple_XH is a tool to edit the contents of the website online from the back-end. Before CMSimple_XH 1.5 the default editor was [[FCKEditor]],​ and alternative editors could be used as [[addons]]. Since CMSimple_XH 1.5 the editor is made available as a [[plugin]] for easier exchangeability. 
-Usually these editors are WYSIWYG editors, which facilitate to edit the (X)HTML similarly to word processors. Such is [[tinyMCE]],​ which is distributed with CMSimple_XH as default. An alternative with comparable feature set is [[http://​​Plugins:​CKEditor|CKEditor]]. 
-A (X)HTML source code only editor is [[http://​​CMSimple_XH/​Codeeditor_XH|Codeeditor_XH]]. 
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