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Advance Search XH

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Advanced Search replaces the search function of CMSimple with following extensions:

  • Search with any combination of arguments “OR” (default), “AND”, “NOT”, and quoted sentences
  • Livesearch support (requires installed Livesearch plugin).
  • Optional phonetic search (double metaphone, metaphone, soundex)
  • Optional search in plugins (support for all types plugin calls (hi_pd_scripting included)
  • Optional search in 2lang content (see Known Problems section for description of limitations)
  • Build in DHTML help.
  • Optional one hit redirection.
  • Optional highlighted search results (uses slightly modified searchhi.js).
  • Search box on search result page for easier tailoring of your subsequent queries
  • Optional log file with log of search input and results.
  • This plugin does not require use of cookies.

Demo and Download

You are here: start » extend » advanced_search_xh
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