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Calendar XH

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Calendar XH creates a calendar view of the month, where dates with your events are highlighted. Clicking on these dates leads to a page with an event list. Thus you can inform your visitors about planned events.

As a bonus one can have a microsoft marquee style annoncement of the next coming event (doesn't validate however!).

The event list is highly configurable. Standard fields are beginn and ending time and dates, name and location of event and link to external of internal pages plus extra text. Unnecessary fields can be switched off.

A form of the backend can be used in protected memberpages, so that different persons (i.e. members of an association) can enter and edit events.

Licence: Freeware


History: Calendar was introduced to CMSimple by Michael Svarrer in 2005 and went through several revision till v.0.5 in 2006. Tory from Slovakia refined the plugin further, with also Bob from France giving a shot at it. After some time in limbo it was given new life by Svasti and Holger. The present version is by Svasti.

You are here: start » extend » calendar_xh
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