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CMSimpleCoAuthors is a CMSimple_XH solution with CMSimpleCoAuthors (CMS, based on CMSimple_XH, with some new features) and the CMSimple_XH plugin CoAuthors_XH.

  • External authors can create own contents in an own installation of CMSimpleCoAuthors, installed in a subfolder of a CMSimple_XH installation.
  • The administrator of the public website can insert that contents, using the plugin CoAuthors_XH, into the public website.

You also can use CMSimpleCoAuthors as a normal CMS.

CMSimpleCoAuthors includes some additional features, here is an overview of the new features:

  • Pluginmanager
  • Improved Admin Menu
  • Meaningful structure of user files
  • Maintenance mode with its own template (individually design possible)
  • Restricted access to the configuration possible (2 levels)
  • Installation in 2-digit folders possible

Please visit the Project Website for more information:

You are here: start » extend » cmsimplecoauthors
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