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CMSimpleRealBlog is a real WebLog solution based on CMSimpleCoAuthors and 2 Plugins, RealBlog_XH and Comments_XH.

The Plugin RealBlog_XH is based on the AdvancedNews Plugin from Jan Kanters. It manages the blog-entries.

The Plugin Comments_XH is based on the uBlog Plugin from Markus Vetter. It manages the comments.

Many thanks to both plugin-developers for permission to use the code of theirs plugins as base for the development of CMSimpleRealBlog.

Demo and Download:


Blog functions:

  • Chronological management of blog entries
  • Preview with teaser and “read more” link to the entry
  • Displays the newest blog entrys in the template, the number of visible entrys is adjustable in the settings

Archive functions:

  • Auto publishing and archiving (scheduled by date)
  • Auto publishing and archiving can be enabled / disabled by settings
  • Monthly and yearly archives

Comment functions:

  • Image upload with resizing (configurable in the plugin settings)
  • You can enable / disable comments for every single blog entry
  • You can disable the comments form global or for every single entry, previous comments remains visible
  • Moderation mode possible - new comments must be unlocked by admin before they are visible

Further fuctions:

  • RSS Feed

The Plugins RealBlog_XH and Comments_XH you also can use as standalone plugins, e.g. as news-plugin and as guestbook, but only for CMSimple_XH 1.2 or higher.


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