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Latest versions are not compatible with CMSimple_XH

Comments is a comments- and guestbook plugin. With Comments you can allow comments on every page of your CMSimple_XH installation, but you also can use it as guestbook.

Comments is based on the plugin uBlog from Markus Vetter. Many thanks to Markus for the permission to use the basic code of the plugin uBlog for the development of Comments.

Comments is not compatible with CMSimple_XH 1.6+; you have to do a customization.

Comment functions:

  • Image upload with resizing
  • You can enable / disable comments for every single page
  • You can disable the comments form global or for every single page, previous comments remains visible
  • Moderation mode possible - new comments must be unlocked by admin before they are visible

You are here: start » extend » comments
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