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Gallery Collection XH

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Gallery collection is a collection of independent, XH-verified, gallery viewers with a number of common characteristics and common managementinterface. Thay are all build around the same functionality and can easly replace each other. Just call plugin from any page on your website to create a gallery folder.Copy pictures to the folder and your gallery is running. It's that easy.

Currently the following plugins are included in Gallery Collection:

  • Image Slider
  • Image Album
  • Image Rotator
  • Image Cube
  • Image jCarousel
  • Image Carousel (former Carousel for Gallery)
  • Image Flip (former Flip for Gallery)


  • Unordered List ItemSame setup and configuration.
  • On the fly creation of galleries folders, thumbnails and watermarked images.
  • Selectable random or sequential order of thumbnails.
  • Executable from template or a pages (Carousel and flip from a pages only)
  • Best fit or cropped thumbnails.
  • Frames and shadows on thumbnails.
  • Text or image watermarking.
  • Bulk uploading of images to galleries through Common Administration Interface.
  • Bulk deleting of images from galleries through Common Administration Interface.
  • Identical function parameter makes it easy to replace one view with another.
  • Lightbox or external/internal url image overlay
  • Supported lightboxes: Lightbox and prettyPhoto, more will come later.
  • Optional titles and information fields on each image (compatilble with SvarrerGallery).
  • Shared folder structure (compatible with Svarrer Gallery).
  • Advanced tools for thumb and watermarks maintenance and image editing in Common Administration Interface.
  • Possibility for individual stylesheet on each gallery.
  • Possibility to redefine watermark and thumbnail size on each image in gallery.
  • Function to redefine plugin configuration on each page.
  • Compatilble with hi_pd_scripting.

Gallery Collection plugins are released under a commercial license and in reduced version under linkware license. The linkware licensed plugins have no common administrations interface, no watermarks and only Lightbox overlay (no links).

Demo and Download

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