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Latest versions are not compatible with CMSimple_XH

CMSimple_XH is an One Admin System. But it may be that several authors, who trust each other, have the password. With the plugin LoginLocker you can ensure that only one author is logged in.

After a configurable period of inactivity, the author will be logged out automatically. Previously he receives a warning, even this period is configurable.

Each login attempt of another author will be answered by the LoginLocker with a note, that another author is logged in. A login is only possible, if the logged in author is logged out again.

Simple installation:

Just unzip the zip file and upload the folder loginlocker with all files and folders to your plugins folder, that's all, set the writing permissions, and the LoginLocker is working now.

Writing permissions

To make the LoginLocker working, you have to set writing permissions for some folders and files.

folders (777):

  • /loginlocker/languages/

files (666):

  • /loginlocker/config/config.php
  • /loginlocker/languages/all files
  • /loginlocker/lock.txt
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