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Morepagedata_XH is a plugin for CMSimple_XH (>1.5) that enables the webmaster to set predefined design elements per page without changing the template.


  • You can set different colors of details like menu or content background on every page
  • different background images in prepared page areas on every page
  • display a slide show of different images on every page
  • specify the slide show effect for every page
  • change other aspects like content width, newsboxes etc. per page with a simple checkbox or options menu.

How it is done:

Morepagedata does this by entering new variables into the pagedata.php. Similar effects may be achieved by changing the template. However, if you need only small changes in a template, you may prefer using Morepagedata.

Only the configuration of the plugin is a little challenging and demands an understanding of CMSimple templates.

  1. First think about which aspects of your template you want to make changable.
  2. Then prepare your template accordingly with some new php-variables. (You don't have to know php to do this, just follow the examples in the help file.)
    If you want to change some css-values, the easiest way is to do this in the html head section of the template. Other changes usually are done in the html body.
  3. Finally enter these variables as new fields in Morepagedata plugin main

Download from: svasti's CMSimple pages

Screenshot of usage with checkboxes:

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