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 +====== Newsbox Rotator XH ======
 +[[start|⇐ back]]
 +Newsbox Rotator is a newsbox plugin for CMSimple. ​
 +  * Unlimited number of rotating news in the same box
 +  * Many rotation effects based on jQuery plugins cycles and easing.
 +  * Integration to Page_params plugins "​Published"​ option (not published news are not visible in Newsbox Rotator box).
 +  * Switch to next news on page change (requires cookies).
 +  * Rotations pauses when the mouse is held over Newsbox Rotator area
 +  * Ready for scheduling of each news (trough Page_params plugins scheduling option - expected in CMSimple_XH ver. 1.5/or delivered with modified version Page_params).
 +===== Demo and Download =====
 +**Demo:** [[http://​​|​]]
 +**Download:​** [[http://​​Newsbox_Rotator|​]]
 +[[start|⇐ back]] ​  ​[[#​top|⇑ top]]
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