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Newsletter XH

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Options (Commercial license only):

  • Unlimited number of e-mails (thought your provider may have some restrictions).
  • Mails are send in user defined periods of time to avoid server timeouts.
  • Resume sending of mails after timeout or crash.

Options (Commercial and Linkware license):

  • Multiple Newsletter Lists.
  • User activation of subscription (optional).
  • Administrator defined templates for Newsletter
  • Administrator defined templates for subscription and unsubscription confirmation mails
  • Support for both SMTP and php mailing function through PHPMailer.
  • Support for both HTML and text based mail clients through PHPMailer.
  • Attachments (optional).
  • Preview of ready to send mail and possibility to send evaluation mail to admin.
  • Mailing log.
  • Additional user defined fields.

NB! Linkware version of Newsletter can only send limited number of newsletters (20-30) and has capacity of sending aboult 50-60 newsletters per minut. Commercial version can send unlimitted number of newsleters and, depending of newsleter size, is capable to send up to 800 letters per minute.

Demo and Download

You are here: start » extend » newsletter_xh
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