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Plugin online no longer available

The NoMistakes_XH designed for sending e-mail notification about mistake on page.

Now, if the user finds a mistake on the page of your web site, the user can select the text with the mistake, press CTRL+ENTER hotkey and send to you some notification via e-mail.

Main good news are:

  • Sending e-mail with CTRL+ENTER hotkey, link, button or image button.
  • Adding comment.
  • Managing from admin mode.

Demo & Downloads: Plugin online no longer available


* Check e-mail. Use e-mail only to receive notification.

* Goto Plugins→Nomistakes→Manage.

* You can see full message info.

* Press link and go to the web page with mistake.

* The mistake is highlighted automatically.

* Enter edit mode and fix the mistake.

* Return to Plugins→Nomistakes→Manage, press recycle bin image button and delete record.

You are here: start » extend » nomistakes_xh
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