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-====== Teaser_XH ====== 
-Teaser_XH can put several div-areas on your page, which serve as teasers for further pages of a site. The divs can be made internal or external links. (As divs are not allowed as links, this functionality is done with an invisible overlay.) Interesting mouse over effects are possibe. 
-In the backend, you can edit your teasers with TinyMCE, CKeditor or Codeeditor. Teasers are stored as a teaser group in a .txt file. Adding or deleting a teaser or changing their order is easy. Also every group of teasers can have its own css class and the backend can load a different template if wanted. 
-Download: ​ 
-http://​​cmsimple/​ (German)\\ http://​​cmsimple/​en/​ (English) ​ 
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