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File Browser

The following information is only valid for CMSimple_XH 1.5 and up.

CMSimple_XH has a file browser which allows to manage your images, media and other files. You can create and delete folders, as well as upload, delete and rename files in admin mode without the need to use FTP. The file browser is accessed via “Files” in the admin menu. Its usage is pretty much self explaining. To rename a file, just double click it (only for CMSimple_XH 1.5.x).

Furthermore this file browser is used from the editor, if you want to insert images, links or media files. Just browse to the folder which contains the file and click the file, and it will be inserted in the respective field of the dialog. Please note that deleting and renaming is not possible when the file browser is called from the editor (so called “editor browser”), but only when it's called from the admin menu (so called “CMS browser”).


Under Plugins→Filebrowser you can define the allowed file types (letter case does not matter), which will be recognized by the filebrowser for the different file categories. Only files with a respective extension can be uploaded and will be displayed by the filebrowser. This restriction is done to make it easier for you to find the desired files. Feel free to adjust the lists to your needs, but note that not all file types make sense for all categories, e.g. adding “txt” to the image extensions will allow you to insert such a file as image, but obviously it will not display properly. Furthermore be aware that browsers may not recognize all file types, e.g. old Internet Explorers can't display .svg images. Which extensions are reasonable as download file types depends on your use case. However, when offering files for public download, consider that not all users may be able to read them due to missing software, and that some uncompressed file formats may waste bandwidth so it's better to zip those files. Finally note that some servers may not allow uploading all file types for security reasons.

Under Settings→CMS you can define the maximum size of files regarding the upload with the filebrowser (Images→Maxsize resp. Downloads→Maxsize; the latter is also used as limit for media files and userfiles). Note, that this limits can not exceed the PHP settings post_max_size and upload_max_filesize (you can check their value under Settings→Info→PHP Info). If you have to upload larger files, you can do that via FTP, or you might consider using the Uploader_XH plugin.


The filebrowser is not optimized for very many images. You can improve the performance, if you partition the images to individual subfolders with, say, up to 100 images. If the filebrowser is still to slow, you should consider using an alternative filebrowser.

Alternative File Browsers

You can use an alternative file browser, if you prefer so. Just download and install an appropriate file browser plugin, and change Settings→CMS→Filebrowser→External to the name of the plugin. Currently there are hi_KCFinder and Ajaxfilemanager_XH available (the latter still in Beta state, and does not work with CMSimple_XH 1.6+). Their usage should be explained in the accompanying manual (aka. plugin help).

How other file browsers could be wrapped as a plugin for CMSimple_XH, will be explained in the developer section.

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