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-====== FTP ====== 
-FTP is the abbreviation for [[http://​​wiki/​Ftp|file transfer protocol]]. This protocol facilitates remote transmission of files between computers connected over some network. To be used it requires an FTP server to be installed on one computer and an FTP client to be installed on another. 
-FTP is an important tool to administrate your webspace. Typically your provider has set up an FTP server on the webserver and gives you the necessary account settings to connect to this server from your PC with the help of an FTP client. You can use your FTP client to upload and download files, e.g. to transfer them between your PC and the webserver. Additionally you can create and delete folders, set [[filesystem permissions]] etc. It's all very similar to the filemanager of your PC (e.g. Windows Explorer). 
-If you want to install CMSimple_XH and/or extensions, you have to install an FTP client on your PC and have a working knowledge of how to use it. If you don't know which FTP client to install, you might consider [[http://​​|FileZilla]]. 
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