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Creating and Deleting Pages

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Creating a CMSimple Page

To create a new page, simply go to the end of the page that will be the preceding page of the new page. Enter the heading and format it with the online editor as h1, h2 or h3, depending which navigation level you want to assign to your new page.

After saving your input, CMSimple will create the new page. Now you can navigate to this page and enter your content.

Please note:

  • If you create a new h1 page between h2 pages, the h2 pages which come after the new h1 page will appear as sub-pages of your new h1 page.
  • The other way around, deleting an h1 page that has h2 sub-pages, will make these sub-pages the subpages of the preceding h1 page.

The same applies to h2 and h3 pages.

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Deleting a CMSimple Page

You can delete a CMSimple page by going to page, deleting everything in edit mode and saving the empty page.

Please note:

  • If you delete only the heading, the content of the page will be added to the preceding page.
  • Deleting an h1 page that has h2 sub-pages makes these sub-pages the sub-pages of the preceeding h1 page. The same applies to h2 and h3 pages.
  • Deletion of pages is best done in source code view so that invisible elements of the page get deleted as well.


From CMSimple_XH 1.5 on you can create and delete pages with a so called pagemanager:

  • Pages

Details on its usage are documented in the plugin help. You can install alternative page managers as plugin, that can replace the default one.

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