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Plugin Tutorial

If you want to develop a plugin for CMSimple_XH, but don't know how to do it, you've just found the right place! The information in the following chapters might be useful, even if you've already developed CMSimple(_XH) plugins.

BTW: do not forget, that this is a WIKI!


  1. A CMSimple_XH installation. As UTF-8 is the dominant character encoding for the WWW, you should at least use CMSimple_XH 1.2, but preferably the newest stable version (currently CMSimple_XH 1.5.4).
  2. Knowledge of using and administrating this installation
  3. Knowledge of the languages of the web, i.e. HTML/XHTML and CSS
  4. Knowledge of PHP, because all CMSimple_XH plugins are developed with this programming language, and at least a basic knowledge of JS.

That's all! If you do not fulfill all of this requirements, it's a waste of time to go on with this tutorial! So:

  1. Get CMSimple_XH from SourceForge and install it.
  2. Read the users_manual.
  3. Work through an HTML Tutorial and a CSS Tutorial.
  4. Work through a PHP Introduction and have a look at a JS Tutorial

Please note that www.w3schools is neither affiliated to the W3C, nor that its tutorials are highly recommendable, as they're lacking many important details and might even offer incorrect information. I've linked them, as they offer a consistent look and feel for the tutorials on the different topics and are suited for a quick start. For a good reference about HTML and CSS consult the specs. For PHP it's recommendable to read PHP – The Right Way and to use the documentation on Regarding javascript good information can be found on MDN and of course in the specs.

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