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-====== Plugin Tutorial ====== 
-If you want to develop a plugin for CMSimple_XH,​ but don't know how to do it, you've just found the right place! The information in the following chapters might be useful, even if you've already developed CMSimple(_XH) plugins. 
-BTW: do not forget, that this is a WIKI! 
-===== Requirements ===== 
-  - A CMSimple_XH installation. As UTF-8 is the dominant character encoding for the WWW, you should at least use CMSimple_XH 1.2, but preferably the newest stable version (currently CMSimple_XH 1.5.4). 
-  - Knowledge of using and administrating this installation 
-  - Knowledge of the languages of the web, i.e. HTML/XHTML and CSS 
-  - Knowledge of PHP, because all CMSimple_XH plugins are developed with this programming language, and at least a basic knowledge of JS. 
-That's all! If you do not fulfill all of this requirements,​ it's a waste of time to go on with this tutorial! So: 
-  - Get CMSimple_XH from [[http://​​projects/​cmsimplexh/​|SourceForge]] and install it. 
-  - Read the [[users_manual]]. 
-  - Work through an [[http://​​html/​default.asp|HTML Tutorial]] and a [[http://​​css/​default.asp|CSS Tutorial]]. 
-  - Work through a [[http://​​php/​default.asp|PHP Introduction]] and have a look at a [[http://​​js/​default.asp|JS Tutorial]] 
-Please note that www.w3schools is neither affiliated to the W3C, nor that its tutorials are highly recommendable,​ as they'​re lacking many important details and might even offer incorrect information. I've linked them, as they offer a consistent look and feel for the tutorials on the different topics and are suited for a quick start. For a good reference about HTML and CSS consult the [[http://​​TR|specs]]. For PHP it's recommendable to use the documentation on [[http://​​manual/​en/​|]]. Regarding [[javascript]] good information can be found on [[https://​​en-US/​docs/​JavaScript|MDN]] and of course in the [[http://​​|specs]]. ​ 
-[[plugin_tutorial_intro|Introduction]] >> 
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