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-====== Plugin Tutorial: Configuration ====== 
-It's good practise not to hardcode any values that are likely to change directly to your programm code. So in index.php VISITORS_DURATION was defined as constant, so it could easily be spotted and changed. To make changing this setting even more convenient for users, you can put it to a configuration file. 
-So create a folder config/ in your plugin'​s folder, and create a file config.php with the following contents and save it as UTF-8 without BOM. 
-This is very similar to the language file. Note that the configuration variable is called $plugin_cf instead of $plugin_tx. 
-To use the config variable change line 7 of index.php to 
-<​code=php>​define('​VISITORS_DURATION',​ $plugin_cf['​visitors_online'​]['​duration'​]*60);</​code>​ 
-TODO: help texts 
-===== Important Rules ===== 
-  * Never ever modify $c, when ($adm && $edit). OTOH: if you need to rely on unmodified $c, make sure that ($adm && $edit). 
-<< [[plugin_tutorial_i18n|Internationalization]] | [[plugin_tutorial_admin|Administration]] >> 
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