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Release a new version

To release a new version, the following has to be done (not necessarily in this order, and not necessarily by the same person):

  • Coordinate with webmaster (olape)!
  • Check that all relevant Github issues are closed
  • Close the Github milestone for this release
  • Build the distributable ZIPs
  • Update and tag the release
  • Upload the ZIPs to Github
  • Make release announcement on the Website (Realblog_XH articles in English and German). Add eventual information out of on Github.
  • Make a quick release announcement in the forum (English and German) pointing to the release announcements on the Website
  • Update “Latest Downloads” info in the forum (English and German)
  • Update versioninfo
  • Update info on third-party websites
  • Update the website and the demo, if appropriate
  • Spread the word via social media etc.
You are here: start » release_a_new_version
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