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-====== Release a new version ====== 
-To release a new version, the following has to be done (not necessarily in this order, and not necessarily by the same person): 
-  * Coordinate with webmaster (olape)! 
-  * Check that all relevant [[https://​​cmsimple-xh/​cmsimple-xh/​issues|Github issues]] are closed 
-  * Close the [[https://​​cmsimple-xh/​cmsimple-xh/​milestones|Github milestone]] for this release 
-  * [[development_environment#​building|Build]] the distributable ZIPs 
-  * Update and tag the release 
-  * Upload the ZIPs to Github 
-  * Make release announcement on the [[http://​|Website]] (Realblog_XH articles in English and German) 
-  * Make a quick release announcement in the [[http://​|forum]] (English and German) pointing to the release announcements on the Website 
-  * Update "​Latest Downloads"​ info in the forum ([[http://​​viewtopic.php?​f=2&​t=5293|English]] and [[http://​​viewtopic.php?​f=16&​t=5294|German]]) 
-  * Update [[http://​​userfiles/​downloads/​versioninfo/​cmsimple_xh-version.nfo|versioninfo]] 
-  * Update info on third-party websites 
-    * [[https://​​download/​product/​cmsimple-xh-91863|heise Download]] (svasti) 
-    * [[http://​​listing/​cmsimple_xh/​|HotScripts]] (cmb) 
-    * [[http://​​matrix/​cms-matrix/​cmsimple_xh|cms matrix]] (cmb) 
-    * <​del>​OpenSourceCMS</​del>​ 
-  * Update the [[http://​|website]] and the [[public_demo|demo]],​ if appropriate 
-  * Spread the word via social media etc. 
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