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   * Update [[http://​​userfiles/​downloads/​versioninfo/​cmsimple_xh-version.nfo|versioninfo]]   * Update [[http://​​userfiles/​downloads/​versioninfo/​cmsimple_xh-version.nfo|versioninfo]]
   * Update info on third-party websites   * Update info on third-party websites
-    * [[https://​​download/​product/​cmsimple-xh-91863|heise Download]] (svasti)+    * [[https://​​download/​product/​cmsimple-xh-91863|heise Download]] (manu)
     * <​del>​HotScripts</​del>​     * <​del>​HotScripts</​del>​
     * [[http://​​matrix/​cms-matrix/​cmsimple_xh|cms matrix]] (Hartmut)     * [[http://​​matrix/​cms-matrix/​cmsimple_xh|cms matrix]] (Hartmut)
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