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 See [[mailform|The Mail Form]]. See [[mailform|The Mail Form]].
 +==== Date format ====
 +The date format which is used by ''​lastupdate()''​ and some other functionality can tradionally be configured under Settings → Language → Lastupdate → Dateformat. Allowed values are the same as for the format parameter of [[http://​​manual/​en/​|PHP'​s date() function]]. ​
 +As of CMSimple_XH 1.7.0, however, if the Intl extension is available, this setting is ignored. Instead, the date format has to be chosen in Settings → Configuration → Format → Date/Time. Additionally,​ you have to configure the desired locale under Settings → Language → Locale → All, if not already done. Use a combination of language and country code, such as ''​en_US''​ or ''​de_DE''​.
 ===== Plugins ===== ===== Plugins =====
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