Special Characters in Headings

Sometimes you have page headings with special characters, such as German umlauts or punctuation marks for example. The corresponding links will be handled correctly by CMSimple_XH. But you might dislike the appearance of those special characters in the browser's address bar. So it is possible to change special characters to the desired ones in links.

In the back-end go to Settings→Language. There you'll find urichar_org and urichar_new. Both options expect a list of character strings separated by a vertical bar1) (before CMSimple_XH 1.6 the separator character had to be a comma). Character strings in urichar_org will be replaced by the according character strings in urichar_new, e.g.

urichar_org: Ä|Ö|Ü|ä|ö|ü
urichar_new: Ae|Oe|Ue|ae|oe|ue

will replace all German umlauts with their German circumscription. N.B.: urichar_org and urichar_new are case sensitive.

Please note that it's not possible to replace the separator character in the heading this way.

For CMSimple_XH < 1.5: the links inserted with FCKeditor's iternal link tool do not respect the setting of urichar_org and urichar_new, so these links will not work properly.

An alternative experimental possibility to replace special characters in page headings is described in the CMSimple_XH Forum.

You can change the separator character by editing the definition of XH_URICHAR_SEPARATOR in cmsimple/cms.php.
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