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-====== Special Characters in Headings ====== 
-Sometimes you have page headings with special characters, such as German umlauts or punctuation marks for example. The corresponding links will be handled correctly by CMSimple_XH. But you might dislike the appearance of those special characters in the browser'​s address bar. So it is possible to change special characters to the desired ones in links. 
-In the back-end go to Settings->​Language. There you'll find urichar_org and urichar_new. Both options expect a list of character strings separated by a vertical bar((you can change the separator character by editing the definition of XH_URICHAR_SEPARATOR in cmsimple/​cms.php)) (before CMSimple_XH 1.6 the separator character had to be a comma). Character strings in urichar_org will be replaced by the according character strings in urichar_new,​ e.g. 
-urichar_org:​ Ä|Ö|Ü|ä|ö|ü 
-urichar_new:​ Ae|Oe|Ue|ae|oe|ue 
-will replace all German umlauts with their German circumscription. N.B.: urichar_org and urichar_new are case sensitive. 
-Please note that it's not possible to replace the separator character in the heading this way. 
-<note warning>​For CMSimple_XH < 1.5: the links inserted with FCKeditor'​s iternal link tool do not respect the setting of urichar_org and urichar_new,​ so these links will not work properly.</​note>​ 
-An alternative experimental possibility to replace special characters in page headings is described in the [[http://​cmsimpleforum.com/​viewtopic.php?​f=12&​t=5406|CMSimple_XH Forum]]. 
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