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Welcome to the WIKI of CMSimple_XH!

We want to build up comprehensive documentation of CMSimple_XH for end-users, web designers, plugin developers and template designers.

We will welcome any competent author, helping us to do that work. (see below)

There is another wiki about CMSimple in general and its follow-up projects. Being an open wiki, it contains useful information, but reliability is diverse and not everything is related to CMSimple_XH. The content of “CMSimple Wiki” has been archived (27.04.2015) and is not maintained anymore!

The present Wiki is moderated and only about CMSimple_XH, keeping (X)HTML validity and UTF-8 encoding.

As only some articles are linked from the menu at the left, use the most comprehensive search functionality in the header of the page to find further information.

How to contribute

This is a moderated WIKI for registered authors only. Unfortunately that's necessary to avoid additional work to recognize and remove spam and it's quite likely to result in higher quality of the contents.

For your registration please contact us via CMSimple_XH–Forum or sent email to devs [at] cmsimple [dash] xh [dot] org.

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