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The subsites feature facilitates to have several partially independent websites with a single CMSimple_XH installation. The implementation is based on the handling of multilingual websites, but it is possible to give the subsites arbitrary names (contrary to additional languages, which are restricted to two character names). To create a subsite, a copy of the folder 2site/ has to be made, instead of a copy of 2lang/ for an additonal language. Without further customization the language of a subsite is always the one used for the main site (i.e. Language→Default), so having subsites is mainly an alternative to having a multilingual website.

The subsites feature was introduced in CMSimple_XH 1.5. However, it turned out, that the feature was too limited, complicated the administration and caused problems with several plugins, so it was removed altogether from CMSimple_XH 1.6. In the following, several use-cases of the subsite feature are described and alternatives are given how to realize these use-cases without it.

If you feel that you absolutely need subsites, you may consider having a look at CMSimple v4, which is a fork of CMSimple_XH 1.5.3 offering a more sophisticated subsite solution. Currently CMSimple v4 is mostly compatible with CMSimple_XH plugins, but that might change over time.

Multiple Client Capability

Subsites could be used to offer a very limited multiple client capability. Every subsite can have its own password, and the global CMS settings cannot be accessed from a subsite. However, it is not possible to install or configure plugins independently for each subsite.

Alternative: use separate CMSimple_XH installations. After all, a typical CMSimple_XH installation with several plugins requires only a few MB of disk space, so this shouldn't be an issue nowadays.

Splitting large Contents

As the maximum size of the contents of a CMSimple_XH website is somewhat limited, a large website could be split to several subsites. However, some of the nice functionality of CMSimple_XH won't work this way (for instance, the top level menu has to be built manually, and the search won't work across subsites).

Alternative: check out, if your content is really to large to be handled without subsites. Due to increased computing power and improvements in PHP, even a few hundred pages with a total size of a few MB will probably cause no objectionable performance loss. Furthermore you may be able to drastically reduce the content size by removing unnecessary markup (which might have been inserted from an old WYSIWYG editor).

If your content is actually too large to be handled with a single CMSimple_XH site, you may consider to split it across several CMSimple_XH installations, to transfer parts of it to a plugin, or even to switch to another CMS using a database.

Presentation of your Templates

A template designer could use subsites to present each template with an individual content.

Alternative: use a branch of pages for the template specific content, and assign all pages a page-specific template. Since CMSimple_XH 1.6 it is sufficient to assign a page-specific template to the top-most page of the branch, and all child pages inherit this setting.

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