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System Check

Since CMSimple_XH 1.5.4 there is a system check under Settings → Info, which checks several important properties of your server environment and the CMSimple_XH installation. You should have a look at the system check after each update and upgrade of CMSimple_XH, and additionally from to time, because your provider might have changed some server settings.

Each item of the system check has a state which is either okay, warning or failure. Note that the labels do not change according to the state. You may choose to ignore warnings, but it is recommended to only do this when you know exactly what the warning means.

Note that the system check of CMSimple_XH only checks for requirements of the core and the standard plugins. Other extensions may have more demanding requirements, and may have their own system check or not. Check the plugin's documentation.

PHP Version

Pretty obvious: either your server has a PHP version that is required by CMSimple_XH or not. In the latter case you should have a look at the control panel of the website; several providers allow to switch to a newer PHP version (what is usually recommended anyway). If there is no such possibility you should contact your provider asking for a recent PHP version.

Note that an unsupported PHP version might not even let you access the site, let alone the system check, but rather will present you a blank browser window, the so-called “White Screen of Death”.

PHP Extensions

CMSimple_XH requires only a few PHP extensions, which are usually available. If any of them are missing, you should ask your provider to enable them.

Write Permissions

Several files and folders need write permissions for proper working of all functionality. If any file lacks these write permissions, you should set them (usually via FTP). Of course, it is fine to revoke write permissions for certain files (for instance, template.htm and stylesheet.css), if you want to be sure to not incidentially change the files.

Note that some of the files checked in this section are depending on the currently selected language. If you have a multilingual website, you should have a look at the system check from every language.

Access Protection

This is not related to file system permissions, but rather to the ability to access certain files via HTTP(S), i.e. whether one can access these files by entering their URL in a browsers address bar. Take any failing access protection very serious – you don't want others to see your data files.


Some extensions may require a proper locale to be configured, what you can do under Settings → Language → Locale → All. The system check reports whether this locale is recognized by the system or not, resp. whether the default locale is in use (i.e. Settings → Language → Locale → All is empty).

Time Zone

CMSimple_XH and some plugins are relying on a properly configured time zone, for instance to display the date of the last update. Many providers do not configure the time zone (at least when using recent PHP versions), so you have to do this yourself under Settings → CMS → Site → Timezone. You also can use this setting to adjust the pre-configured time zone, when it doesn't match your preferences. You can find a list of supported values in the PHP manual.

Magic Quotes

The magic quotes have been designed to make it simpler to handle the necessary escaping for databases. However, that was not always useful, so PHP ini settings to turn that off have been introduced. CMSimple_XH and its extensions are supposed to be able to deal with magic_quotes_gpc and magic_quotes_sybase, but not with magic_quotes_runtime. If this settings is enabled (i.e. the check fails) you are likely to get spurious backslashes in your data.

Session Settings


If a BOM is contained in any included PHP file malfunctions can happen. If the check fails, that means there is a BOM. You should enable debug mode which might give a hint which file is affected. Save the file as UTF-8 without BOM.

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