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Template Tags

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Template tags are used as follows in the template:

<?php echo newsbox('News01');?>

This example shows the embedding of the (hidden) CMSimple_XH page “News01” as a newsbox on the position where this code is placed in the template.

The tags:

Function Status Description
editmenu() obsolete1)Creates admin menu while in admin mode
content() requiredContent of page(s)
head() requiredCreates the calls to stylesheet, meta data and page title for the html head section
languagemenu() recommendedCreates the links to different languages sections in multi language sites
lastupdate() recommendedCreates date/time of last edit
li($hc,'menulevel') optionalCreates the navigation menu with links to pages of all levels
locator() optionalCreates a breadcrumbs style menu locator
loginlink() recommendedCreates the 'login'-link when not logged in
mailformlink() optionalCreates a link to the mail form
newsbox() additionalDisplays the contents of a (usually hidden) page
nextpage() optionalCreates a link to the next page
onload() requiredMust be included in the body tag to enable functioning of the editor
pagename() optionalDisplays the Contents of the config variable
$cf['site']['title']. This variable is created from the language variable $tx['site']['title']. If the title of a specific page is being changes via meta_tags plugin, the changed title will be displayed
previouspage() optionalCreates a link to the preceding page
printlink() optionalCreates a link to the print view
searchbox() optionalCreates the search box
sitename() optionalDisplays the contents of the language variable $tx['site']['title'].
sitemaplink() optionalCreates a link to the sitemap.
submenu() optionalCreates links to sub pages if existent
toc() requiredCreates the menu
top() optionalCreates a link to the top of the page (#TOP).
has been required before 1.5
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