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-====== Template Tags ====== 
-[[start|⇐ back]] 
-Template tags are used as follows in the template: 
-<code php><?​php echo newsbox('​News01'​);?></​code>​ 
-This example shows the embedding of the (hidden) CMSimple_XH page "​News01"​ as a newsbox on the position where this code is placed in the template. 
-**The tags:** 
-^Function ​ ^Status ​ ^Description ​ ^ 
-^editmenu() ​ |not required in 1.5|Creates admin menu while in admin mode| 
-^content() ​ |required|Content of page(s)| 
-^head() ​ |required|Creates the calls to stylesheet, meta data and page title for the html head section| 
-^languagemenu() ​ |recommended|Creates the links to different languages sections in multi language sites| 
-^lastupdate() ​ |recommended|Creates date/time of last edit| 
-^li($hc,'​menulevel'​) ​ |optional|Creates the navigation menu with links to pages of all levels | 
-^locator() ​ |optional|Creates a breadcrumbs style menu locator| 
-^loginlink() ​ |recommended|Creates the '​login'​-link when not logged in| 
-^mailformlink() ​ |optional|Creates a link to the mail form| 
-^newsbox() ​ |additional|Displays the contents of a (usually hidden) page| 
-^nextpage() ​ |optional|Creates a link to the next page| 
-^onload() ​ |required|Must be included in the body tag to enable functioning of the editor| 
-^pagename() ​ |optional|Displays the Contents of the config variable\\ $cf['​site'​]['​title'​]. This variable is created from the language variable $tx['​site'​]['​title'​]. If the title of a specific page is being changes via meta_tags plugin, the changed title will be displayed| 
-^previouspage() ​ |optional|Creates a link to the preceding page| 
-^printlink() ​ |optional|Creates a link to the print view| 
-^searchbox() ​ |optional|Creates the search box| 
-^sitename() ​ |optional|Displays the contents of the language variable $tx['​site'​]['​title'​].| 
-^sitemaplink() ​ |optional|Creates a link to the sitemap.| 
-^submenu() ​ |optional|Creates links to sub pages if existent| 
-^toc() ​ |required|Creates the menu| 
-^top() ​ |optional|Creates a link to the top of the page (#TOP).| 
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