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-====== Templates ====== 
-[[..:​start|⇐ back]] 
-Templates are patterns for the look of a web page. They contain the data with which CMSimple_XH creates the visual aspect of your internet pages. Simply load a different template into your CMSimple_XH site, set it as active and you may not recognise your site again. 
-A demo is better than a thousand words. Therefore we give here a link to a demo site with the plugin TemplateSwitcher. On top of that page you can chage the template via a selectbox. The contents of the page will remain unchanged, you will just see the contents via different templates: 
-[[http://​​plugindemo/?​Plugin_Demo_Seiten:​TemplateSwitch_XH|Templates Demo Site]] 
-On the following pages you learn how to install and activate a template: 
-  * [[Terms of use]] 
-  * [[Installation]] 
-  * [[edit_template|Edit]] 
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