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-====== Terms of Use ====== 
-===== CMSimple_XH ===== 
-CMSimple_XH is licensed under [[http://​​licenses/​gpl-3.0.en.html|GPLv3]]. That basically means you're free to 
-  * use the software for any purpose 
-  * change the software to suit your needs 
-  * share the software with your friends and neighbors 
-  * share the changes you make 
-===== Templates and Plugins ===== 
-Many of CMSimple_XH'​s templates and plugins come with different usage or licensing conditions. 
-Many template designers and plugin authors offer their plugin under a Linkware License, i.e. the template or plugin may be used for free as long as you leave a clearly visible link to the author in the front or back end. 
-There are also templates and plugins that come with a commercial license, requiring a payment for use in commercial internet sites, but being often free of charge for schools and non-profit sites as long as a visible link is placed. 
-<p class="​dw_hint">​ 
-Please accept the licensing conditions of the authors.</​p>​ 
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