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Debug Mode

Sometimes it's necessary to debug CMSimple_XH and the installed plugins, particularly if you're facing a blank browser window (so-called “White Screen of Death”). This can be done easily without changing any PHP scripts – not even FTP access is absolutely necessary.

To do so, just upload a file _XHdebug.txt to the configured downloads folder of your installation. The contents of this file have to be a single digit between 0 and 6 (the debug level). The meaning of this digit is given in the following list:

  • 0 - Turn off all error reporting
  • 1 - Display Runtime errors except warnings
  • 2 - Display Runtime errors
  • 3 - Display Runtime errors + notices
  • 4 - Display all errors except notices and warnings
  • 5 - Display all errors except notices
  • 6 - Display all errors

If the file is empty, debug level 1 is set. Since CMSimple_XH 1.5 there's already a file XHdebug.txt in the download folder. To activate debug mode you just have to rename this file (i.e. prepend an underscore to the name).

As soon as the file exists a message is shown in the back-end, that debug mode is enabled, and errors will be reported in the (X)HTML output directly below it. The debug output is only displayed in admin mode 1), but due to a bug some of it was actually shown to visitors in CMSimple_XH versions before 1.5.4, so it's best to turn debug mode off, when you've finished debugging.

“fatal” PHP errors, i.e. those causing a “blank screen”, however, will be displayed always
You are here: start » troubleshooting
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