By Template, we mean a collection of data that essentially determine the appearance of a website created with CMSimple_XH. They act similar to masks – they determine whether and which elements appear at which position, and they influence their appearance.

Template choice

In CMSimple_XH in principle one template is set as standard for the whole website, under:

Admin menuSettingsConfigurationSiteTemplate :

Furthermore, it is possible to specify a template different from the standard one for each individual page:

Admin menuEdit → [Choose page] → Tab: PagePage Template :

Available templates

A current list of available templates can be found on the CMSimple_XH homepage.

Announcements of new templates and reviews about them can be found in the CMSimple_XH forum.

Admin menu

The Admin menu is the control center of the system. All CMS actions are controlled via this menu. It appears only in the backend, that is, only when you are logged in to the system.


Templates are design patterns for websites that behave like masks. They determine the place where elements appear and influence their appearance.

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