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BookStore_XH Plugin

The BookStore_XH plugin used to create online book catalog.

The plugin can be used to store a variety of data-filing users, software, etc. It's enough to set the appropriate language strings on one and customize the display of data in the Сonfig. The BookStore_XH plugin is highly configurable.


  • Create book record
  • Upload cover image
  • Books search by keyword
  • Section filter
  • Book per page setting
  • Uploaded image setting
  • Book record edit and delete
  • Section add and delete

Version 1.2 released.

Important! If you uses BookStore v.1.1 please replace index.php and admin.php files. Other changes isn't needed.

Urgent! Version 1.2 updated.

Now you can change required status for the non default fields, when create a new book record. Please, download updated version and replace index.php, config.php, de_hints.php, default_hints.php, en_hints.php, ru_hints.php files with new from archive. Other changes isn't needed.

For other see Changelog

For demo and downloads please visit BookStore_XH web-site

If the download link doesn't work, you can download the plugin from the CMSimple wiki.

Project pages on Git

Licence: Freeware

Huge thanks to Christoph M. Becker for big help and advices.

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