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RealBlog XH

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The Plugin RealBlog is based on the AdvancedNews Plugin from Jan Kanters. Many thanks to Jan Kanters for permission to use the code of the plugin AdvancedNews as base for the development of the plugin RealBlog XH.

RealBlog XH has no comments fuctionality, but you can add it by installing the plugin Comments XH. A complete WebLog solution with the current version of CMSimple_XH and the plugins RealBlog XH and Comments_XH you can find here:



Blog functions:

  • Chronological management of blog entries
  • Preview with teaser and “read more” link to the entry
  • Displays the newest blog entrys in the template, the number of visible entrys is adjustable in the settings

Archive functions:

  • Auto publishing and archiving (scheduled by date)
  • Auto publishing and archiving can be enabled / disabled by settings
  • Monthly and yearly archives

Further fuctions:

  • RSS Feed

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