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-====== Update/​Upgrade ====== 
-The terms update and upgrade refer to replacing an older version of CMSimple(_XH) with a newer one. An **update** is only a minor patch to the exisiting version, i.e. only the revision number of the version changes (e.g. CMSimple_XH 1.5 -> 1.5.3). An **upgrade** covers any replacement with a newer version that is not an update, i.e. a change in the major or minor version number or even from CMSimple to CMSimple_XH. 
-===== How To? ===== 
-How to update and upgrade is described in the [[http://​​viewtopic.php?​f=4&​t=4868|CMSimple Forum]]. 
-===== Plugins ===== 
-While upgrading the core of CMSimple_XH is more or less painless, plugins might make trouble. The following table list some older plugins which can be replaced with XH conforming versions. 
-^Classic Variant^XH Variant^Data Compatibility^ 
-|Advanced Form|Advancedform_XH|upgrade script in work| 
-|Advanced News|Realblog_XH|no| 
-|Gallery|lb_gallery or Gallery Collection|yes (with minor limitations)| 
-|gBook|gBook mod|?| 
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