The search form

CMSimple_XH offers visitors the possibility to search all page contents of a website by keywords. The search terms are entered into a search form. The search returns a hit list of pages on which all entered search terms were found. The page names in the hit list are also links leading to these pages. All search terms found are then highlighted there.

Calling in the template

Normally you will position the search form in the template. There is hardly a CMSimple_XH website where this form does not appear somewhere in the header, in the footer or in a sidebar.

The call in the file /templates/[current template]/template.htm must in any case read:

<?php echo searchbox();?>

Of course, the shorter version also works:


Calling in the content of a page

As always, there are special cases and exceptions. Maybe the permanently visible search form disturbs the layout of the website? No problem. Just call the search form on one page – exactly where it fits to the content. It would also be conceivable to create an extra page “Search”, on which you could convey even more information.

The call would then have to be implemented in the middle of the text as a plugin call. Like this:



Here is the search form in the page text – completely unformatted, just as your browser displays forms:


Templates are design patterns for websites that behave like masks. They determine the place where elements appear and influence their appearance.