Variables and constants

An incomplete selection of the most important variables and constants.
See also the Developer Documentation.


Variable Typ Description
$bjs string JavaScript area at the end of the <body> element
$c array Content array; content divided by headings H1 – H(n)
$cf array contains all configuration parameters from config.php
$cl integer Number of pages
$description string Variable that overwrites the existing meta descriptions from the config.
$download string indicates whether a download has been requested; if so, the name of the file to be made available for download
$e string Error output (contains error messages)
$edit boolean indicates whether the CMS is in edit mode
$f string the requested special function, e.g. search, mailform, sitemap
$fh resource a temporary file handle
$function string GET or POST parameter that determines a special function
$h array Headings array
$hjs string JavaScript and CSS area in the <head> of the page
$i und $j integer temporary loop variables
$keywords string Variable that overwrites the existing meta keywords from the config
$l array Array of menu levels
$login boolean indicates whether login has been requested or has taken place
$mailform boolean indicates whether the mail form was requested (sets $f='mailform')
$normal boolean indicates whether the CMS is in preview mode
$o string Output for the content area
$onload string Value of the onload attribute of the <body> element of the page
$pd_current array contains the page data of the current page
$print boolean indicates whether the print view has been requested
$pth array contains all paths/filenames used by CMSimple_XH
$s integer Page number of the current page
$sitemap boolean indicates whether the sitemap was requested (sets $f='sitemap')
$sl string active language (abbreviation. e.g., 'de' or 'dk')
$sn string Directory path where CMSimple_XH is installed
$su string selected URL (of the current page)
$t mixed temporary variable
$u array URL array (links of all pages of the content)
$title string Page title
$tx array Contains all texts of the current language


Constant Description
CMSIMPLE_ROOT absolute file path of the installation folder
CMSIMPLE_XH_BUILD Build number in the format YYYYMMDDNN
CMSIMPLE_XH_VERSION Version number (e.g., CMSimple_XH 1.7.5)
CMSIMPLE_XH_DATE Build date in format YYYY-MM-DD
PLUGINLOADER Pluginloader was loaded
XH_ADM indicates whether the CMS is in Admin mode or not


In various places, especially in older plugins, there may still be deprecated variables or constants that have already been removed from the core. These should no longer be used or replaced with new ones.

Variable/ Constant Typ Description
$adm Variableboolean

indicates whether the CMS is in admin mode;
deprecated; use the constant XH_ADM instead.



Admin mode

By admin mode, we mean the state CMSimple_XH is in after logging in. In admin mode, the control and administration of the whole CMS is possible. Normally (there are exceptions) the content is also maintained in admin mode.

Since the admin mode is not visible and accessible for website visitors, it is sometimes called backend – in contrast to frontend, which corresponds to what is displayed to visitors.


CMS = Content Management System

A CMS is a software system that allows you to edit websites in the browser.


CSS = Cascading Style Sheets

A formatting language for HTML web pages. The goal here is to separate content from appearance.


Login refers to the process of logging in to the CMS. The authentication is done with a login password. After login, you are in the so-called “Admin mode” – also called “Backend”. With the login, the system starts a session, which should be closed after finishing all work with logout (log off).