An incomplete selection of the most important functions.
See also the detailed Developer Documentation.

Function(value) Description
a($nummer,$zusatz) returns an (opening) link to a CMS page ($number)
cmscript($script,$text) checks if searched CMSimple script is present in the text
download($datei) provides a file for download
e($fehler,$typ,$datei) Generates error message
evaluate_scripting($text,$compat) returns text with evaluated scripting
gc($name) reads a cookie
geturl($url) reads an external resource
geturlwp($url) reads an external resource with parameters
h($nummer) returns the heading of a page
hide($nummer) whether the page is hidden
initvar($name) initalizes a variable from POST or GET
l($nummer) returns the menu level of a page
logincheck() verifies login to CMS
meta($name) returns <meta> element
ml($key) provides a link to a special page
plugin_admin_common($action, $admin, $plugin) handles standard plugin administration actions
print_plugin_admin($main) provides the plugin menu
rfc() reads content.htm and initializes the corresponding global variables
rmanl($text) removes all line breaks (\n, \r) from a text
rmnl($text) replaces multiple line breaks with a single one
shead($code) generates an HTTP error message
sortdir($ordner) returns an array with all entries of a directory (sorted alphabetically)
stsl($text) unmasks GPC parameters
sv($name) returns a server variable
uenc($ueberschrift) encodes a page URL
writelog($nachricht) appends an entry to the log file


In various places, especially in older plugins, there may still be deprecated functions or functions that have already been removed from the core. These should no longer be used or replaced with new functions.

Function(value) Description
amp() returns & or (XHTML compliant) &amp; deprecated since XH 1.5.4
autogallery($url) Gallery plugin; deprecated since XH 1.5.4
chkdl($datei) checks download (existence, permissions etc.); deprecated since XH 1.6
chkfile($key,$schreibbar) checks a file (permissions etc.); deprecated since XH 1.6
editmenu() output the admin menu in previous versions, now returns an empty string to avoid incompatibilities; deprecated
guestbooklink() Guestbook plugin; deprecated
PluginDebugger() deprecated; use other methods instead
PluginPrepareTextData() deprecated; use instead stsl()
rf($datei) reads a file; deprecated since XH 1.6
rp($datei) returns absolute file path; deprecated since XH 1.5.4
selectlist(…) creates a selectbox; removed since XH 1.6
tag($tag) returns a HTML compliant tag; deprecated


Admin menu

The Admin menu is the control center of the system. All CMS actions are controlled via this menu. It appears only in the backend, that is, only when you are logged in to the system.


CMS = Content Management System

A CMS is a software system that allows you to edit websites in the browser.


Login refers to the process of logging in to the CMS. The authentication is done with a login password. After login, you are in the so-called “Admin mode” – also called “Backend”. With the login, the system starts a session, which should be closed after finishing all work with logout (log off).