Once you have finished all the work in and on the CMS, you should log out properly. You should not just close the browser window.

A CMSimple_XH session is marked in the browser by a session cookie. If you close the browser window without logging out, the session remains active. The next person who comes to the computer (family member, roommate, colleague, …) could simply continue with the started session without entering a password and in the worst case cause damage. So logging off properly is better and safer in any case!
And this is how:

Admin menuLogout

If any content was changed before logging off, CMSimple_XH creates a backup copy of the current content.htm and deletes an older copy if necessary. Afterwards, a message about the last CMS actions is displayed, and the logoff is confirmed.

Admin menu

The Admin menu is the control center of the system. All CMS actions are controlled via this menu. It appears only in the backend, that is, only when you are logged in to the system.


CMS = Content Management System

A CMS is a software system that allows you to edit websites in the browser.